Welcome to Geddes Farms, your source for the highest quality honey at the best prices! All of our raw honey is unaltered, non-pasteurized, and from sustainable sources in the USA so you get all of health benefits and ALL of the flavor. This is pure honey at its finest. Your taste buds are going to thank you.

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Alfalfa Honey

Light amber color and a mild flavor. Perfect for everyday use.

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Blossom Honey

Light, sweet and aromatic.

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Blueberry Honey

A very sweet honey with a medium amber color.

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Chunk Honey

Comb honey surrounded by honey.

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Cranberry Honey

A dark golden color with a sweet taste.

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Clover Honey

A mild and versatile honey. A great substitute for sweeteners.

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Saw Palmetto

A dark, hearty full-flavor.

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Avocado Honey

Rich and bold flavor. Great for baking. Tastes like molasses.

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